Node #0000
Northridge, Ca 91324

ODYSSEY X86J4105800 Win10 Mini PC by SeeedStudio

The primary means of comms and assignment by members, the GM.Node is built with a suite of features that extend and support GalacticMechanic operations without compromising quality or utility. The GM.Node is built using an Intel® Celeron® J4105, Quad-Core 1.5-2.5GHZ processor, and 8GB RAM. Dual-band ethernet and wifi (2.4&5Ghz) with an integrated Arduino Coprocessor ATSAMD21 ARM® Cortex®-M0+. 

Node Alpha

Photo representation of alpha server. Visual depiction only.

OVH - primary test server.

Too many hits, too many bots, too many attempts to break in.

Decisions to build metal for inhouse support.

The First Node

 Photo representation of running server. Visual depiction only.

Initial software wishlist

Development considerations

Current software suite and state of server

Node #0000
1 December, 2019
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