Build tomorrow to

maintain today.

GalacticMechanic is a novel approach to creating a global network of private, decentralized, independent members skilled in subjects crucial to technological continuity


GM Membership

GalacticMechanic memberships extend the ability and responsibility of each member, but keep organizational structures decentralized. Find out how our members benefit from the DAO structure.

Hardware & Software

Most organizations have proprietary systems that are utilized internally. GalacticMechanic provides its members with the systems, programs, and devices required to progress towards advanced concepts.


GalacticMechanic is still being developed and will continue for many years. Our deployment plan includes advancement opportunities for members & departments operating on the GM.Node chain. 

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Information. Beside the Patreon page, this is where all the important stuff is. If it's public and it's interesting, it's probably in here. Come check it out.

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Supply. The materials you need and the materials we use. You don't have to get them here but it helps us and it bundles nicely with most of our kits.

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e-Learning. We've worked hard to make some amazing courses and we're getting closer to bridging the gap between technology and education.

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Discourse. If you have a question or are looking for assistance,  the forum is the place to go. Check out our knowledgeable community.

Have Questions about how GalacticMechanic can help you?

Send us an inquiry and we'll get right back to you.

VR-CS: An inside look

The GalacticMechanic Virtual Reality Conference Studio is a networked-multiuser platform for group meetings, conferences, and presentations. 

Utilizing EpicGamesUnrealEngine4, GM.VRCS brings interactivity you're accustomed to, to your virtual workplace.

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GalacticMechanic is working towards becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) written in Solidity and utilizing block-chain technologies similar to Bitcoin & Ethereum.

GM.Node is a fantastic hardware & software suite built to host GalaticMechanics decentralized node-based systems & dedicated multiuser VRCS sessions.

Thank you to everyone supporting and following GalacticMechanic! Keep sending in your questions and we'll answer them ASAP.
Here are some answers to some of the best questions we've received.

How can I join GalacticMechanic?  You can go to our Patreon page or support us directly at [email protected]

Are there memberships through the website? Currently, membership is only available through patreon, but alpha memberships will become available soon.

I went to the discord, but only the general channel is available. At the moment, the GM.Discord server is only available to Patreon members.

I was kicked/banned from the discord/general channel? If you violated the terms of use and were kicked/banned, contact GM Operations.

How do I contact GM Operations? Email [email protected].